Diana Fowley

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Diana Fowley

Name: Again, what a hard question! Diana Fowley. No middle name known yet.

Date of birth: Haven't a clue. She looks quite a bit older than Scully, but who can tell? (Keleka's note: The actress, Mimi Rogers, was born in 1956, if that gives us anything to go by. It would make her 47 in 2003. Scully would be 39 in 2003.

Appearance: Longish dark hair.

Career background: She's been an FBI agent since at least 1991, when she was with Mulder when he discovered the X-Files. For unknown reasons, and in unknown circumstances, Diana took a posting in Europe. At the time of "The End" (1998), she has only recently returned, saying that there are things she wants to get back to.

As of the start of season six, she is working on the X-Files, partnered with Spender.

Background with Mulder: She was his "chickadee" in 1991, when he discovered the X-Files, and she and Mulder did some investigations together. The Lonegunmen say they don't know why they split up, but, When she talks about there being "things" she wants to get back to, "things" seem to include Mulder, whom she calls Fox, since she muses on how much nicer it would have been for him if he had had a believer as a partner.

Is she Mulder's ex-wife? Well, we don't know. The evidence that Mulder was once married comes from the episodes set in 1989 and 1990 in which he sports a wedding ring, even though he is shown as "single" on his file at these times. (Click here for a discussion of the wedding ring thing.) We have no evidence that Diana is the ex-wife, except that she was with him in the pre-1991 sort of period.

Attitude to the paranormal: She has interest in parapsychology, and calls herself a believer.

Shot: She was shot in "The End," through a lung, putting her on life support and with little chance of survival. By "The Beginning," several months later admittedly, she is well again.

Bad? There is much speculation on whether Diana is, in fact, in league with "Them." Scully seems to distrust her (but, then, it is possible that Scully is biased, through jealousy of the way that Mulder seems to work with Diana as well as, if not better, than with herself.) Mulder certainly seems to doubt Scully's evidence, though, by the time of "One Son," we, the viewer, have little doubts that she's bad.


  • She took the X-Files posting, which Mulder seems to see as a back-stabbing. Well, maybe, but, as she says, at least this way there will be one believer on the team, and someone on the inside able to pass information to Mulder. If it was just Spender, and another "them," then would Mulder have got any information on the alien in "The Beginning?" That's what she says, anyway.

  • If "They" are trying to keep Mulder and Scully off the X-Files, and CSM has been careful to get his own son posted there, the X- Files are something They want to control. Would they allow a believer and friend of Mulder's to be posted there? Surely they'd put someone there whom they could control. CSM shows no signs of dismay on the way things went in the case in "The Beginning," even though Diana apparently helped Mulder. In "Two Fathers," he tells her that she alone has never betrayed him. Pretty conclusive, really.

  • Although she helped Mulder into the nuclear reactor in "The Beginning," she later aimed a gun at him when the other agents came up. Did she set him up, taking him so close to the "truth," and then calling reinforcements to take him away again, and to have him exposed for disobeying orders and getting involved? She said she was looking for another way in, but she came from upstairs, which isn't the way you'd expect if this is what she was doing. However, it could be that the other agents came up anyway, forcing her to improvise and make it look as if she was apprehending Mulder, to cover up that she was helping him. At least, this is what Mulder seems to believe, and she did give him a "sorry about this, but it's necessary" sort of look. Perhaps she thinks she can help him better if "they" don't know about it...

  • Her report at the end of "The Beginning" didn't corroborate what Mulder saw. Again, though, it could be explained by an attempt to cover up the fact that she's secretly helping him.

  • What "things" brought her back from the Middle East? Hmm...

  • And what was she doing in the Middle East? In "One Son," Scully and the LGM find that she wasn't ever doing what she claimed she was doing. Instead, she was visiting Tunisia, where we know that bad things are happening with bees (though I rather wonder if she was watching Star Wars being filmed instead.) Also, she has been visiting MUFON groups, collecting data on abducted women.

  • In "Triangle," CSM calls her, telling her what Scully's up to. Scully intercepts the call, and CSM hangs up as soon as he realises. It certainly looks from this as if Diana is in league with CSM. However, it's not at all clear if the Scully scenes in this episode ever happened. They, too, could have been a dream. See the Triangle summary for a discussion of this.
  • And now the clincher?: We see her in "Two Fathers," being sent on some mission my CSM, who says: "Do you wonder why I've chosen you? You've never betrayed me. Now I need someone to trust." Of course, she may be planning to betray CSM, and could be playing a double game, so we'll see...

Also, is she having some sort of affair with CSM? We have nothing much to go one, but some significant looks do seem to pass between them.

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