simcity buildit tips

SimCity has been around for over two decades now and the number of people who have not played this game is very limited. With a fun filled gaming technology and an engaging gameplay, this game provides the user with a taste of everything. When playing the game it is difficult to gather Simoleons. However, with simple simcity buildit cheats you will be able to get better at the game and earn some good Simoleons in the process.

Here are some pointers to playing the game in and winning along the way!

  • Pay attention to the needs of your citizens and do everything you can to keep the happy. If your people are not happy, they will leave the city. This will in turn reflect on the tax income that you get through them. Lookout for what services they require and provide them the same. Always make sure that you have enough Simoleons to give your citizens the services that they require.
  • To get coins quickly, check out the coins that hang around the service building. If the offer that they give you is necessary, buy the craft supplier or simply tap outside the bubble.
  • If you see any bubble, do not hesitate to tap it. Sometimes, the residents will show their thought in the bubble and on tapping it you will be able to read their thoughts. If they are in need of any service, you can provide them with it to make them happy.
  • In order to expand your storage, you can also buy rare items when you are short on space. This will help you later on when you are planning on expanding and you have a good deal of Simoleons to complement your plan.
  • Factory and Commercial zones need not be nearby the residential buildings. So place them in a corner where it is accessible yet far away at the same time. Moreover, the presence of factories will decrease the happiness of the people living in that area.
  • For complete happiness, place the City Hall close to the residence state. If place elsewhere, you will be able to achieve only 99% happiness.
  • The best way to gather EXP is to build something. However, if you do not have any zones to build, you could always demolish your already existing building and simply rebuild.

When you play the game, make sure to stock up your storage as this will come in handy when you decide to upgrade your buildings. You can also play this game offline and save it to update your level when you connect to the internet. The only drawback is that when you are offline, you cannot use multiplayer ability and cannot buy or sell things at the Trade Depot. Moreover, you can also make use of the SimCash to buy more Simoleons and obtain higher experience as you start to grow your city and upgrade your buildings for your residents.…

The Madden Mobile game has been most popular in the US as it has the most number of players. These games can be played by all Android and iOS phone holders. Developed by EA Sports, all you need is some good internet connection. You have a vast group of players to play and you can choose your team of players too. Using good offense strategies you can easily win the game of Madden Mobile.


Learn more about the players: Players who have good reputation generally cost higher. You can find such players by going through the ratings, which gives you more information about the player so that you can include him in your team. Learn more about running moves: When you have good running moves, you can easily gain more points. Make appropriate and correct moves especially when making passes and when you are in the offense so that the points scored will work in your favor.


The defense is another part of the game that requires a few clarifications. You should have the defense spread well so that defender can cover well. Choose good defense players as your centerpiece. With good defensive functions, make your defense player do his job well and gain points for the team. With a strong defense formation, you can easily stop the quarterback. When you block field goals you have to choose the apt player for the kick block. Avoid a penalty which is especially true when you run into kickers.

Buying and Selling Players

When you play the game right, you can win many points and make it big. To raise money you can sell the surplus good players. Good players can be easy to sell as they are usually high on demand. Sell the gold and silver players initially as they fetch a good price. In the same manner, when you buy players from the market, search for a player who will help to strengthen your team. Choose players who are priced low so that you will benefit from their talents. The Auction is the best place to get good players with good market rates.

When you play many games, you can win more games and gain more expertise through the games and learn new strategies on the way. Madden Mobile is one of the greatest mobile game that every gamer likes to play as he can choose his team, design his team and play against many opponents. With coins you can play the game to your heart’s content. Accumulate coins which are the main currencies of the game and madden cash which is also equally important. Use the market place well and buy players at good prices. Every step of the game requires coins which can be bought from the in-app stores by paying real cash; you can also earn money as you play games and score many points. However for unlimited and free cash you can get them only through some madden mobile cheats and getting them authentically.…

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Even here we are fully committed to providing some nice hints which will make you a better player. Especially for beginners we do have valuable information to share. When you start playing the game, there is no need for buying players and spending real money. Just go for the achievements and rewards. When you accomplish these achievements, you have enough coins in your account which will get you, low-rated players. Similarly, you can also take part in the auctions to get expensive players at reduced prices. Just like these two tips, learning out the moves and making appropriate use of auto-play option very crucial.

Being a part of the NBA Live Mobile game is wonderful but we need to pay little attention to these tips and nba live mobile hack apk. Don’t make the mistake of spending money on in-app purchase earlier in the game. You need to spend time and stick to basics. When you focus hard on building a strong team, there would be many options of grabbing top players. NBA Live Mobile is all about grabbing those golden moments and building a team which is very hard to beat. We are extremely hopeful, the above-mentioned details would have guided out the needy players in the right direction. If you still desire to gain better details, we would seriously recommend checking out latest NBA Live Mobile tips and tricks available online.…